Meet District Governor Michelle McGrath

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Michelle McGrath, Ed.D joined 528 Rotarians around the globe when she became District Governor of District 6250. A member of the Rotary Club of Madison Dr. McGrath is an educator and community leader with more than twenty-seven years of professional experience. Currently the Executive Director of the Waunakee Community Cares Coalition, she has been a teacher, coach, administrator, college professor and a non-profit executive. Michelle is a published author and speaks nationally about her research on “The Urgency of Youth Leadership”. Recently selected by Brava Magazine as one of Madison’s Women to Watch she encourages all of us, especially youth, to live a fearless and fulfilled life.
DG Michelle has previously served as District trainer, RYLA Chair, as well as President of her home Club, Rotary Club of Madison, one of the largest in the Rotary world. She is married and is the mother of four grown children.
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Meet the District 6250 Governor

Meet  2022 - 2023  District Governor - Ben Bauer


Ben Bauer was born and raised in small town Central Wisconsin (Spencer, WI, population ~1,900). After high school he went to Western Technical College in La Crosse for a degree in Graphic Design and a certification in Web Design. His passion for quality design and helping people drove him back near home to Marshfield where he founded a printing and marketing company that he owned and operated for 12 years. Early in his career he also served as a youth leadership facilitator with the National FFA organization, training and developing the next wave of young leaders from all over the country. The business satisfied his hunger for design, creativity and service and the conference facilitation scratched the itch for travel and leadership development. Shortly after starting the business he joined Rotary in 2006 as member of the Marshfield Sunrise Rotary Club.

Ben’s Rotary story goes like many Rotary stories do. There’s a beginning, middle and end. There’s also a new beginning, a new middle and a hopeful future. When he joined it was for the purpose of networking and creating connections that would help him and his business thrive in the community. Rotary gave lots of opportunity for that and when the connections in the club had been made and he “learned everything he needed to know”, he started sitting at the same tables, talking to the same Rotarians and got bored. Skipping a meeting occasionally, turned into hardly coming at all and Ben was the dreaded “Rotarian In Name Only” (RINO).

Luckily, Ben attended the right club meeting in 2009 where he was asked to fill-in and serve as a counselor at the District’s Youth Leadership Camp, RYLA. This was Ben’s “aha moment” with Rotary. At RYLA, he got the personal fulfillment of developing young leaders, and learned about how big the network of Rotary is and the possibilities that come with it. Ben has served as co-chair of the District’s RYLA camp, Club President in 2015-2016 and an Assistant Governor from 2018-2020.

Rotarians are busy people, and Ben is no exception. He has coached varsity football with the Spencer-Columbus Rocket varsity football team, served in the local business community and on local boards like the Marshfield Area Community Foundation, Spencer Youth Recreations, Inc. and more.

Professionally, Ben is the Director of Awesomeness (some people call it Marketing) at Simplicity Credit Union, overseeing the marketing and public relations efforts of the credit union. As with many credit union professionals, a chance encounter brought Ben to Simplicity CU and he’s been in love with our movement ever since. Ben brings a diverse set of talents including marketing, graphic design, public relations and leadership. Ben’s team at Simplicity CU has also created a new CUSO, Exclamation Services which will provide back office support like Marketing, HR, IT and Operations services to small credit unions and businesses.

Ben is an active and passionate champion for credit unions. He serves in many roles including as a member of the i3 innovation program at the Filene Research Institute, a Credit Union Development Educator (CUDE), and a member of the Credit Union National Association (CUNA) Marketing & Business Development Council Member Resources Committee, to name a few. He's been honored with several 'Diamond Awards' from the CUNA Marketing Council for excellence in marketing and was named a Credit Union Rockstar by Credit Union Magazine in 2020.

Personally, Ben’s wife and favorite person in the world is Katie Bauer. Katie is a special education teacher, an amazing mother and life partner. They have a son, Charlie who brings them an immeasurable amount of joy. Together, they love learning, camping, swimming, biking, hiking, kayaking or anything that takes them outdoors.

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President's Newsletter July 8, 2022

Summer is well underway, and temperatures - and humidity levels - are rising.  The heat and humidity did not stop the La Crescent Rotary Club from beginning the new Rotary year with a terrific celebration.  Our club members gathered at the Lions Club Pavilion at Old Hickory Park on Thursday, June 30, to enjoy an old-fashioned pot-luck supper.  Main dishes included a marvelous lasagna provided by outgoing President Joel Putnam, and pulled pork provided by incoming President John Farnen.  However, in true Rotary fashion, everyone pitched in and brought a "dish to pass," and the table was bountifully decked out with many side dishes and desserts.  "I cannot tell a lie" - I sampled too many of the desserts, and went back for seconds.  Yes, I had a favorite dessert, but unless you saw me sneaking back for more, you will have to guess which one I liked the best.  If anyone went away from this event hungry, they have only themselves to blame.  
Outgoing President Putnam sounded the bell for one last time, opening the meeting officially.  Thankfully, Leo Chaput knew that incoming President Farnen might be in need of some help, so he came prepared with the suitcase containing all that we need to conduct an official meeting - including the agenda of the meeting in outline, and to everyone's delight(?), laminated cards with the words to the traditional Rotary songs.  Our club sang the favorite song of Rotarian Frank van Lin, who drove his sporty apple-red Chevrolet Aveo to the event.   Frank, at age 101, added gusto to the singing of his favorite song, "A Helping Hand," which was sung to the tune of the Happy Wanderer.  Not do be outdone, Rotarian Leo Chaput chose his favorite song, "Home On the Range," and added special sound effects of his own.  The tradition of singing at Rotary meetings remains strong in our club, despite the lapse of a few years since we last dusted off the song sheets.  I am hoping to keep this tradition going during the coming year.  Our club did conduct some business at the Changeover Event, and a slate of officers for the coming year was presented.  The incoming officers were duly elected after a call for any last minute nominations.  Entertainment at the Changeover Event included corn hole toss game, and a story telling contest was conducted, which was fun for all.  
Our officers for the coming year include President John Farnen, Past President Joel Putnam, President Elect Time Britain, Secretary Teri Booth, Treasurer Bob Spencer, Youth Protection Officer Peter Congdon, and Board members Wayne Oliver, Monica Holman (both serving a second year of their two-year term), and Board members Mary Bubbers and Steve Holman (both beginning the first year of their two-year terms).
The speaker program for July has gotten off to a great start.  Wayne Bottner, MD, Director of Blood Banking Services at Gundersen Lutheran Health Center in La Crosse, himself a survivor of childhood polio, spoke about his experience with polio as a child, and some of the obstacles that he had to overcome to pursue a career in medicine that has been nothing less than stellar.  Dr. Bottner discussed "Ableism" and the subtle, and sometimes overt, prejudices that result from this common view of disabilities. A short video clip featuring a "Ted Talk" by Stella Young was part of Dr. Bottner's presentation.  I found myself reconsidering how I interact with all persons that I come in contact with.  Dr. Bottner pointed out that 50% of all persons over age 65 will have some sort of disability.  Disabling conditions can lead to prejudice and discrimination.  We can help to counteract this by making sure that our  club meetings are accessible to all.  There are also opportunities to reach out to persons with disabling conditions as new club members.  We must make certain that disabled persons can participate in our club activitiess as well.
The La Crosse Area Rotary Club Presidents held their monthly meeting via Zoom at 12 noon on July 8.  ADG Jessica Himmer and ADG Wayne Oliver both attended this meeting.  ADG Oliver spoke about the upcoming Avenues of Service event which will be held on August 16 at the La Crosse County Club.  The cost of attending this event will be $40 per person.  Our La Crescent club needs a volunteer to attend the planning meetings for the Avenues of Service dinner.  The next planning meeting will be held at the Gundersen Hotel and Suites First Floor Conference Room at 7:30 AM on July 26.  Presidents Jonathan McKenzie (La Crosse - East), Rolan Covert (Vally View), Ashley Santolin (La Crosse After Hours), Rob Palmberg (La Crosse Downtown), Chris McArdle-Rojo (Onalaska Hilltoppers), and Randy Mell (Caledonia) were all present for this Zoom meeting, and they presented the following information and ideas:  
  • Ashley Santolin reported that the La Crosse After Hours Club will be planning an excursion to the Loggers baseball game on July 14; they are sponsoring a Youth Exchange student from Japan; and they will have an Alpaca Family Farm excursion on September 17.
  • Jonathan McKenzie's Rotary East Club is planning some changes to its meeting schedule, which will include a monthly offsite activity.  Rotary East is searching for a new location for their meetings; they are currently meeting at Schmidty's, but may be moving to Piggy's Restaurant soon.
  • Chris McArdle-Rojo is planning an iFeed event on Saturday, November 5th.  There will be a number of groups who will be participating, and the meals that are packed will support refugees from the war in Ukraine.  The fee for packing teams has increased to $700 this year.
  • Rolan Covert is working to organize the Avenues of Service Event.  His club is also sponsoring Moon Tunes again this year, and this has been successful. Rolan reported that 500 pounds of recyclable material were collected after the last event.  
  • Randy Mell reported that Rotarian Ann Thompson was designated an Honorary Member.  The Caledonia Rotary is meeting at Elsie's on Main Street on the first and second Fridays of each month.  Caledonia holds a social event on the last Friday of each month.  The Caledonia Club has created a video which will be used to showcase their club on the local cable network. Caledonia Rotarians have been working to eliminate invasive species from Sprague Woods, and have obtained a grant to hire a local contractor to remove invasive plants from the lands adjacent to SpragueWoods.  Caledonia continues its involvement with the Cameroon project, and is interested in cooperating with the La Crescent Club on other possible international projects. 
  • John Farnen reported upcoming plans to volunteer at Country Boom. The Apple Blossom Bike Tour will take place on September 17, and is being sponsored in part by the La Crescent Rotary Club
“If you have the love of your fellow men in your hearts, my friends, you are a potential Rotarian.”
Paul Harris
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2022-2023 Rotary International President - Jennifer Jones

Jennifer E. Jones

Jennifer E. Jones

President-elect 2021-22

Rotary Club of Windsor-Roseland

Ontario, Canada

Jones is founder and president of Media Street Productions Inc., an award-winning media company in Windsor. She was chair of the board of governors of the University of Windsor and chair of the Windsor-Essex Regional Chamber of Commerce. She has been recognized for her service with the YMCA Peace Medallion, the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal, and Wayne State University’s Peacemaker of the Year Award, a first for a Canadian. Jones holds a Doctor of Laws (LL.D.).

As the first woman to be elected president, Jones understands how important it is to follow through on Rotary’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Statement. “I believe that diversity, equity, and inclusion … begins at the top and for us to realize growth in female membership and members under the age of forty — these demographics need to see their own reflection in leadership,” Jones said. “I will champion double-digit growth in both categories while never losing sight of our entire family.”

Jones has been a Rotary member since 1997 and has served Rotary as RI vice president, director, training leader, committee chair, moderator, and district governor. She played a lead role in Rotary’s rebranding effort by serving as chair of the Strengthening Rotary Advisory Group. She is the co-chair of the End Polio Now Countdown to History Campaign Committee, which aims to raise $150 million for polio eradication efforts. She also led the successful #RotaryResponds telethon in 2020, which raised critical funds for COVID-19 relief and was viewed by more than 65,000 people.

Jones has also received Rotary International’s Service Above Self Award and The Rotary Foundation Citation for Meritorious Service. She and her husband, Nick Krayacich, are members of The Rotary Foundation’s Arch Klumph Society, Paul Harris Society, and the Bequest Society.

Presidential initiatives 2022-23

Diversity is one of Rotary’s longstanding core values and greatest strengths. Jones knows there is more to be done to ensure that Rotary’s culture exemplifies our values of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). Rotary, with input and guidance from the DEI Task Force, has strengthened our commitment to DEI, resulting in a greater focus on celebrating every individual’s contributions, advancing equity, and creating a more welcoming and inclusive culture.

During the 2022-23 year, Jones encourages each of us to do our part to ensure Rotary is a welcoming and inclusive community by:

  1. Learning more about DEI in Rotary, including understanding definitions and how to celebrate and respect our differences.
  2. Determining why DEI matters to our club and community and how using DEI principles can help our club grow and become stronger.
  3. Raising awareness of DEI, including creating a DEI committee in your club that reflects the demographics of your community. 
  4. Taking action on DEI in our club and community for instance educating yourself about underrepresented groups in your community in order to become a more knowledgeable and effective advocate for DEI. 

Learn more and take action by reading the DEI presidential brochure.

Jones will also continue RI President Shekhar Mehta’s Girls Empowerment initiative, recognizing that empowered girls become empowered women. Share your Girls Empowerment projects on Showcase.

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Looking for Rotary Youth Exchange Host Families

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Are you interested in experiencing another culture without having to leave the comfort of your own home? Then hosting a Rotary Youth Exchange student may be for you! 
Host families come in all shapes and sizes and are willing to welcome a high-school student into their home. Hosting a student gives your family the ability to share your culture and learn about the student's culture, which creates opportunities for developing long lasting relationships. 
The specific details of hosting a student varies slightly by student and Rotary club. If you are interested in starting a conversation about potentially hosting, complete the survey at the link below and a Rotarian will be in contact with you. Thank you!
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La Crescent Area Celebration Caravan

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The La Crescent Rotary club is hosting a Celebration Caravan Parade on Saturday May 2nd @ 2:00!  Show solidarity with your fellow La Crescent neighbors and friends in this remarkable and unprecedented time of fear and loneliness, and show your support for our First Responders, EMTs, Fire and Police personnel, educators, and our local businesses that have been so dramatically affected by the ongoing pandemic of SARS-CoV-2 / Covid-19.
The caravan will wind through residential neighborhoods in La Crescent. We will start at the Abnet Field/Ice Arena parking lot and end at Old Hickory Park.   A detailed route can be found at:
VIEWING: You can view the caravan while maintaining social distancing from your front door or yard, OR walk or drive a short distance to the route.
REGISTRATION: Please see the link below to register. We hope for a huge response and may have to limit the number of vehicles.  Please try to limit vehicles to one per organization or business.
BE CREATIVE and feel free to show your support with signs and decorations.
The Rotary Club is concerned that we not increase the chances of transmission of SARS-CoV-2, and for this reason, we request you take the following steps:
- all participants will remain in their vehicles during the car procession
- maximum vehicle occupancy appropriate for the make and model of that vehicle
- cars will immediately disperse at the end of the procession.
- assembly will strictly be 30 minutes prior to the start time of the procession, with all participants required to remain in their vehicles for assembly.
- absolutely no candy, trinkets, or other materials are to be thrown or discharged from vehicles during the procession
- no floats, tractors, tractor trailers; only private cars - sedans, vans, minivans, SUVs, and pickups 
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Rotary CoronaVirus Food Drive 

Pat Stephens and Bill Hoel, along with other LaCrosse  area Rotarians, have organized a Virus Food Drive to take place every Friday starting April 17th through May 29th. 
Each drive will be from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. and each week will be at one of 3 locations throughout the area. Those sites are Valley View Mall by Barnes and Noble, Big Lots and The La Crosse County Building.
To save confusion, Pat Stephens is going to be the clearinghouse for sign ups.  
The food drive will be a DRIVE THROUGH style.  
La Crosse County Health Department is teaming up with iFeed, Rotary, and Rotary Lights to hold “Food Drive Fridays”, a drive-thru style food drive where donors don’t get out of their vehicles
Collections will be held every Friday from 11am-1pm starting on Friday, April 17th through the end of May 2020. (April 17 & 24, May 1, 8, 15, 22, 29)
Valley View Mall parking lot (by former Macy’s location), 3800 Hwy 16, La Crosse Downtown La Crosse:
La Crosse County Parking lot behind the Courthouse & Law Enforcement Center, 333 Vine St:
Big Lots parking lot located at 3960 Mormon Coulee Rd, La Crosse
Non-perishable foods are running dangerously low at The Hunger Task Force, and with the postponement of the National Letter Carrier’s Stamp Out Hunger food drive, they are in desperate need of canned goods for the programs they serve. Canned items needed include meats (tuna, chicken), peanut butter, soup, fruit, boxed side dishes (stuffing, rices, potatoes), breakfast items (cereal, oatmeal, etc), canned ravioli & spaghettios, pasta & pasta sauce. We believe that everyone deserves to have access to food and essentials, especially in times of uncertainty.
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Meetings Going Virtual

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With recent decisions being made about gathering during the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic, we want to reiterate our hope that everyone takes the necessary precautions to remain safe and healthy.
In an effort to help flatten the curve, and to encourage that we all stay home, we've decided to meet virtually starting March 20th, 2020.
After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.
As the situation changes, we'll keep you updated along the way and hope to be meeting in person as soon as possible. Thank you!
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Rotary Meetings and Covid-19

Dear Rotarians and Friends,
The COVID-19 virus is affecting all aspects of our lives.    Our rotary member's health and safety is of utmost importance and it is our responsibility to make sure we do all we can to reduce the spread of this disease.  Therefore, it is in the club's best interest to cancel the next four meetings at Corky's- March 20, 27, April 3,10. This is in alignment with Rotary International's recommendation as well. Also, the governor announced the closure of Minnesota restaurants and bars to dine-in customers from March 17th through March 27th.  We are looking into a virtual meeting via email to temporarily replace the meetings at Corky's.  We will keep you posted if this is possible!  If virtual meetings are not possible, I will send you all weekly messages about all things rotary.
I will do my best to keep you all informed of any new developments.  If, by the end of March, the situation changes and we are able to resume normal meetings, I will let you know
Thank you all for your diligence,
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Smell The Beautiful Roses

Posted by Eileen Krenz on Sep 13, 2019
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Its that time of year again, an opportunity to share the gift of Roses in our Community.  
The Rotary Club of La Crescent is selling roses again this year as a fundraiser for support of our programs.   Roses are on sale now, and will be delivered on Wednesday, Oct 23.  We will be purchasing the flows from Bauer's Market again this year, and the bouquets are getting an extra special touch.
Roses are $20 per dozen, and can be delivered anywhere in the LaCrosse/LaCrescent Area.   Orders need to be in to Eileen by Friday, Oct 11.   Please see Eileen with any questions! 
The public can order roses by emailing
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Avenues of Service 2019

Posted by Bob Spencer on Aug 13, 2019
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The 2019 Avenues of Service were held at the La Crescent Area Event center.   It was a wonderful night celebrating Rotary in our community.  It is also a fundraiser for our local Rotary Works Foundation, and supports all the good work it does.  Check out the photo album and award winners below

Lifetime Achievement Award:  Lifetime Achievement award is given to a Rotarian who best demonstrates a commitment to Rotary's Four Way Test and the Object of Rotary.  Someone who demonstrates high ethical standards in his/her business or profession, and who is committed to the ideal of service in his/her personal, business and community life.  

Past Lifetime Achievement Recipients:  2007 Jack Haase; 2008 Natalie Hartigan; 2009 Mac Dahl (deceased); 2010 Pat Stephens; 2011 Dean Dickinson; 2012 Mike Klug; 2013 Elmer Grassman and Pat Smith; 2014 Dick Spencer and Dick Wieser; 2015 Dirk Gasterland and Phil Quillin; 2016 Brad Quarberg and Bill Pritchard; 2017 Dean McHugh; 2018 Leo Chaput and Chuck Hanson; 
2019 David Amborn

Rotary Rising Star Award: Rotary Rising Star award is given to a Rotarian who best demonstrates a commitment to Rotary's Four Way Test and the object of Rotary. Among the criteria considered will be length of time in Rotary (a minimum of 2 years but not more than 5 years); a strong commitment to Rotary and its programs; someone who demonstrate high ethical standards in hi/her business or profession, and who is committed to the ideal of service in his/her personal, business and community life.

Past Rising Star Recipients: 2014 Johnny Brevik & Arien O'Heron;  2015 Matt Boshcka;  2016 Justin Garvey;   2017 Natalie Olsen and Spencer Niebur2018 Julie Nelson; 

2019 Sarah Arendt-Beyer and Jeff Sexauer. 

Rotarian of the Year Award:   Each club will select one of its members to receive the Rotarian of the Year award.  Rotarian of the Year award is given to a Rotarian who has given exceptional service to Rotary International and/or to the Rotarian's club or to the community in the name of Rotary.  

2018-19 Rotarians of the Year
Sherry Sime - Rotary Club of Caledonia
Dave Ebner - Rotary Club of La Crescent
Laura Lee - Rotary Club of La Crosse After Hours
Lee Rasch - Rotary Club of La Crosse
John McKenzie - Rotary Club of La Crosse East
Keli Frigo - Rotary Club of La Crosse Valley View
Sandy Kjome - Rotary Club of Onalaska Hilltopper
Scott Marshall - Holmen Rotary Club
Kendra Garbrecht - Rotary Club of Onalaska

Rotary Avenue of Service Awards:  Five Avenues of Service Awards (one in each category) are presented annually to club projects that best exemplify Rotary ideals in the five avenues of service: Club Service, Community Service, International Service, Vocational Service and New Generations. 

2018-19 Award Winners

Club Service
Service Auction - Holmen Rotary Club

Community Service
Military Lounge at La Crosse Airport - Rotary Club of La Crosse

International Service
Vision Exams for Nicaraguan Immigrants in Costa Rica - East

New Generations
Extra Effort Award Recognition Program - Rotary Club of La Crosse

STRIVE - Holmen Rotary Club

Special Recognition was given to the Coulee Region Youth Exchange Council for its work to collaborate improve the youth exchange experience in the Coulee Region

Congratulations to all the evening's award recipients.

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Neighbors Night Out 2019

Posted on Aug 06, 2019
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Neighbor's Night Out took place on August 6th, gathering hundreds of La Crescent's residents together.
The La Crescent Rotary Club donated off a bunch kid's prizes, and hosted some Cornhole games for attendees.  Rotary recognizes Mary Bubbers for coordinating the partnership!

A big Thank You to all of the generous sponsors who have donated prizes and monetary gifts for the 13th annual La Crescent Neighbor's Night Out! 
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Rotary 2019-2020 Theme

Posted by Bob Spencer on Aug 01, 2019
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Rotary Connects the World!

RI President Mark Daniel Maloney’s theme for 2019-20, Rotary Connects the World, asks Rotarians to strengthen the many ways that Rotary Connects the World, building the connections that allow talented, thoughtful, and generous people to unite and take meaningful action through Rotary service.
President Maloney explained his vision for building a stronger Rotary, calling on leaders to expand connections to their communities and to embrace innovative membership models.

“(Rotary) allows us to connect with each other, in deep and meaningful ways, across our differences,” Maloney said. “It connects us to people we would never otherwise have met, who are more like us than we ever could have known. It connects us to our communities, to professional opportunities, and to the people who need our help.”

Maloney also called on every Rotary and Rotaract club to identify segments of their community not represented in their club by creating a membership committee with diverse members.  

“Through Rotary, we connect to the incredible diversity of humanity on a truly unique footing, forging deep and lasting ties in pursuit of a common goal,” he added. “In this ever more divided world, Rotary connects us all.”

Maloney urged leaders to offer alternative meeting experiences and service opportunities to make it easier for busy professionals and people with many family obligations to serve in leadership roles.

“We need to foster a culture where Rotary does not compete with the family, but rather complements it,” Maloney said. “That means taking real, practical steps to change the existing culture: being realistic in our expectations, considerate in our scheduling, and welcoming of children at Rotary events on every level.”

Maloney said many of the barriers that prevent people from serving as leaders in Rotary are based on expectations that are no longer relevant.

“It is time to adapt, to change our culture, and to convey the message that you can be a great district governor without visiting every club individually, and a great president without doing everything yourself.”

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Rotary 2019 Council on Legislation

Every three years, Rotarians from around the world meet at the Council on Legislation to review and vote on proposed changes to the legislation that governs Rotary. They consider enactments, which change Rotary’s governing documents, and position statements by the RI Board.  Councils give Rotary members a voice in how our organization is governed. Learn more about the Council on Legislation and the Council on Resolutions on our Council web page or read our live blog of the 2019 Council. 

The 2019 Council on Legislation may not have made as many dramatic changes as the Council three years ago did, but it made several decisions that will shape the future of Rotary.

Among the most important, the Council elevated the status of Rotaract clubs.  The change broadens the definition of membership in Rotary International to include Rotaract clubs. The change is intended to increase the support that Rotaract clubs receive from RI and to enhance their ability to serve.

“We need to be an inspiration to our young partners, so they will continue doing the great service that they do,” said RI President Barry Rassin when he presented the measure. “This sends a strong message that they are truly our partners in service.”

In many ways, the Rotaract experience will not change. Rotary clubs will still charter and sponsor Rotaract clubs. Rotaract clubs will still have their own standard constitution and their own unique club experience. Members of a Rotaract club will not be called Rotarians. And Rotaract clubs will not immediately pay dues or receive other benefits, such as the official magazine that Rotary members receive. The Board will determine a dues structure over time.

The measure simply expands the definition of membership in Rotary International to include both Rotary and Rotaract clubs. 

Every three years, representatives from Rotary districts around the world meet in Chicago, Illinois, USA, to consider changes to the constitutional documents that govern Rotary International. This year’s Council considered more than 100 proposals.

Representatives authorized the Board to pursue changing RI’s charitable status to a section 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization under the U.S. Internal Revenue Code. It is presently a 501(c)(4). A task force has been studying the possible change for 18 months and says it will offer benefits that include tax reductions and vendor discounts that will reduce expenses.

Dues increase

As for dues, the Council approved a modest increase of $1 a year for each of three years, beginning in 2020-21. The previous Council set dues for 2019-20 at $34 per half year.

With the increase, the dues that clubs pay to RI per member will increase to $34.50 per half year in 2020-21, $35 per half year in 2021-22, and $35.50 per half year in 2022-23. The dues will not be raised again until a future Council votes to change it.

The Council also changed the name of the General Surplus Fund to RI Reserve, because that more accurately reflects the purpose of the fund. In another vote, the Council approved calling the general secretary a chief executive officer (CEO) in circles outside Rotary, to increase his stature in dealings with other intergovernmental organizations.

A seemingly small but intensely debated action will reduce the number of nonvoting members at future Councils, by removing past RI presidents and allowing only one RI Board director to attend but not vote.

But in some respects, the Council defined itself as much by what it did not do. 

This year’s representatives resisted pressure to limit some of the flexibility that the 2016 Council granted clubs, rejecting several measures that would have placed restrictions on clubs. One unsuccessful measure would have required clubs to meet at least 40 times each year. 

Many clubs have been using the innovative and flexible club formats to attract new members and meet their current members’ needs.

Representatives also rejected proposals to make it optional for members to subscribe to an official Rotary magazine and to reduce the size of the Council by half and have it meet every two years.

Democracy in action

Several representatives commented on the democratic nature of the proceedings.

“All of the delegates have been very responsible and respectful, no matter what their opinions,” said Adriana De La Fuente, the representative from District 4170 and a member of the Rotary Club of Plateros Centro Historico, Ciudad de México, Mexico. She has attended three previous Councils. “That elevates the trust and respect for our organization.”

Glen K. Vanderford of District 6760, a member of the Rotary Club of Jackson-Old Hickory, Tennessee, USA, said he appreciated the opportunity to represent the people of his district and gather with like-minded people to voice opinions.

“The process allows us to have a road map forward instead of just going day to day,” he said. “I was excited by the outcome of enhancing Rotaract and that we didn’t weaken future Councils, but preserved the ability for everybody to have a voice.”

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Hyungeun Travels Home

Posted by Bob Spencer on Jul 09, 2019
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Shortly after Sunrise on Tuesday, July 9, Hyungeun Cho said goodbye to La Crescent and his host Families, and boarded his 6am flight that would connect him to Chicago, and on to a 15 hour flight back to Seoul, South Korea.
Hyungeun spent his last month in the US mostly traveling.  He went with other students from around the district to the west coast, visiting LA, Vegas, Grand Canyon, San Diego and San Francisco.  Upon returning, he spent the week up north with the Spencer Family, fishing and relaxing.  Sunday evening before leaving, Brit and Chris Welnetz hosted a small goodbye celebration for Hyungeun.  
Hyungen came to us a quiet, shy 15 year old.  He left us a Happy, Confident, 3 inch taller 16 year old.  He will be missed by all who knew him, and we hope he will come back to visit some day.
A big thank you this year to the Host Families: Steve & Monica Holman, Chris & Brit Welntez and  Jim & Cindy Gross.  An extra special thanks goes out to Kathy Vongroven, for her continuous support and councilor for Hyungeun.
Hyungeun Travels Home Bob Spencer 2019-07-09 05:00:00Z 0 International,Youth

Country Boom Volunteers Still Needed

Posted by Bob Spencer on Jul 01, 2019
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The Second Annual Country Boom takes place in West Salem from July 11-13.  One of its primary purposes was to bring together people from all over the Coulee Region.  
Rotarian Pat Stephens was involved in the planning of the event, and has asked the Rotary Club of La Crescent to again help in volunteer staffing to help with the Parking Lot attendant Duties.
We have committed to provide 6 Volunteers from  from 5PM-1AM on Friday, and 6 volunteers from 11am-1AM on Saturday.
Please sign up for as many hours as you can help.  Thanks!
Non-Rotarians can sign up to help by contacting Bob Spencer 
Country Boom Volunteers Still Needed Bob Spencer 2019-07-01 05:00:00Z 0 Fundraising,Partnerships

Changeover Dinner

Posted by Monica Holman on Jun 05, 2019
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On Thursday June 27, we will be meeting at the new La Crescent Event Center for a changeover dinner.  This is our annual club celbration to reflect on the past year, and look ahead at what's to come.
What: La Crescent Rotary Changeover Dinner 
When: June 27, 5:30-7:30pm
Where: La Crescent Event Center
Who: Club members and guests are welcome
$10 for Members, $18 for Guests.
Payments can be made at the door, or ahead of the Event to Bill Ohm.
Changeover Dinner Monica Holman 2019-06-05 05:00:00Z 0


With the Changeover Dinner on June 27, we will not have our Friday morning meeting on June 28.   We hope to see you at the changeover!
REMINDER NO MEETING JUNE 28 2019-06-05 05:00:00Z 0

Born Learning Trail

Posted by Teri Booth on Jun 03, 2019
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A new outdoor educational opportunity just opened in La Crescent

Born Learning Trails are walking paths that have signs with instructions for educational activities for children.  On May 31, Rotarians and community Volunteers worked with the United Way to install the Born Learning Trail in Old Hickory Park.  This project was the result of district membership funds awarded to the La Crescent Rotary Club, and other fundraising efforts.

A Ribbon cutting was held on Monday, June 3rd, as children began to play and learn at the same time.

Local News coverage on the event



Born Learning Trail Teri Booth 2019-06-03 05:00:00Z 0

Rotary On the Road - Event Center

This month has 5 Fridays. and you know what that means.. we HIT THE ROAD!
May 31, we will be meeting at the NEW La Crescent Event Center and Best Western Hotel.   We will be gathering for breakfast, and be given a tour of the new facilities.  
Please see Program Chair Tom Fuchsel or President Darren Winkers for questions.  We hope to see you there!
Rotary On the Road - Event Center Tom Fuchsel 2019-05-02 05:00:00Z 0

Houston Mission 66

Posted by Bob Spencer on May 01, 2019

With our mission this year to help build our own special needs playground, our neighbors to the west are building one of their own.


Online Volunteer Form: Click link below to schedule your volunteer time.…/70A0545A4AD2AA0F49-playground

Mission 66's community project needs your help! We need 150 volunteers per shift from Wednesday May 1 to Sunday May 5, 2019. The shifts are 8am-12, 12:30-5pm, 5:30pm-dusk. We need skilled workers which are those who are able to cut a straight line with a circular saw. We need unskilled workers who can help sign in volunteers, sign in and out tools, childcare, food prep, sand, shovel, cleanup, spread mulch, assist with carpentry jobs or paint in the art tent. We will feed you lunch and supper and if you need childcare, it will be provided on the weekend. Let us know if you have any specific needs or talents and we'll find a job for you. Please sign up on the link below. If you don't know your schedule yet, please still sign up for any day or shift so we know how many people we can count on. Your time and day can always be changed later. The Mission 66 Committee THANKS YOU for all your support! Click link above to sign up.
VOLUNTEERS WE NEED YOU! The all inclusive park will include: a replica of the Class of '66 bus, a replica of the current elementary school, an owl nest climber, a Houston bluff rock wall, a Hurricane slide, a phone booth, Houston tractor pull, a grain elevator, an apple tree house, Fort Cody, a barn and silo, an owl center plus swings, monkey bars and much more. Please sign up on our link for the shift(s) you prefer. There is a job for every skill. You can also stop by and join the fun for an hour or two if you can't commit to a full shift by signing up with Angie Weisbrod (608-406-0990 or as she is our volunteer coordinator. The children thank you!…/70A0545A4AD2AA0F49-playground
Mission 66 is building a new, improved, handicap accessible playground on the current site at the City Park on May 1-5, 2019 and we need your help!
This is a community effort from the planning to the construction and we are relying on your support. We are looking for individuals , businesses, non-profit organizations, churches and civic groups to help with the build. We invite volunteers of all ages as there will be a job for everyone!
We are also still looking for financial support through in-kind equipment and materials donations and also free will offerings. We encourage you to buy your fence pickets at $50 a piece or 3 for $125.  Contact Audrey Hegland ( 507-450-3918) or 
click here for order form  - click here to order online
Thank you to those who have already volunteered, donated and bought fence pickets. We wanted to keep you up to date on our activities so you can save the date and help us build the BEST PLAYGROUND IN HOUSTON COUNTY! More information will be made available at later dates.
Houston Mission 66 Bob Spencer 2019-05-01 05:00:00Z 0

Volunteer Season is Here

Posted by Bob Spencer on Apr 04, 2019
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The Snow has melted, and we hope no more is coming.  That means that it's the time of the year where we get out and into the community.  A number of volunteering opportunities are coming in the next few months.  We hope you can find the time to join us for many or all of them.   
Currently Scheduled Upcoming events.  Click on the links to read more about them and to sign up!
Check the club website calendar and watch your email for more opportunities coming soon!
Volunteer Season is Here Bob Spencer 2019-04-04 05:00:00Z 0 Community,Local

New District 6250 Website

Posted by Bob Spencer on Mar 25, 2019
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Almost 4 years ago, District 6250 made the move to partner with Clubrunner, to improve communications and record keeping with the Clubs of Southwest WI and Southeast MN.  That move has helped club member data accuracy to improve tremendously, and given tools to the District leadership to improve communication with the members.
Now, in 2019, District 6250 has completed the full project with the migration of our website data and infrastructure to reside on the Clubrunner platform.  This was the last step completing the transition project and setting up the District for a future of Success.  All clubs, both those utilizing Clubrunner, and those who do not, will benefit from this change.
My favorite feature as a clubrunner club, is the ability to share our club events on the District Events calendar with a single click of a button.     
Check out the new website at, and the new District Events calendar at
New District 6250 Website Bob Spencer 2019-03-25 05:00:00Z 0 District

Coulee Region Youth Exchange Celebration

Posted by Bob Spencer on Mar 22, 2019
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The first annual Youth Exchange Cultural Celebration will take place on Thursday, April 11th, 5:30-8:30 pmand is hosted by the Coulee Region Youth Exchange Council (CRYEC)!  We are inviting you to come to this exciting cultural event!
The CRYEC has been hard at work planning an event that will give you a chance to learn about our Youth Exchange students and their home countries.  The students have hand-picked recipes that represent their culture and are working with local chefs to let you sample their “comfort food.” It will be held on two different nights at the La Crosse Club, to ensure an intimate setting and allow you an opportunity to interact with the students. 
We have students from Ecuador, Finland, Poland, Spain, Thailand and Korea this year.  As part of their year with our Rotary Clubs, they’re given great opportunities to travel around the United States.  Funds raised from this event will assist the students with paying for the two week trip in June. Most students take on odd jobs as they spend the year to assist with their fundraising.   Our event will allow them to focus on their experience with our clubs instead of figuring out how to raise the funds on their own.
Hosting this event is very exciting for the CRYEC, as it’s the first of its kind. In addition to attending we hope you or your business will consider being part of our success through a sponsorship. Information regarding available sponsorship opportunities and marketing benefits at each level are enclosed.
If you wish to attend, tickets can be purchased online at the following links.  Tickets are limited to 75 people, so get yours today!
Bob Spencer
La Crescent Rotary - Youth Exchange Officer
*Please note, Hyungeun will not be there as he will be traveling in Hawaii that week, but he will still be featured with his food and his story.
Coulee Region Youth Exchange Celebration Bob Spencer 2019-03-22 05:00:00Z 0

Superevent 2019

Posted by Peter Congdon on Jan 27, 2019
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Well the 2018 Super Event is in the books!
This Year's Community All Stars are Don Thesing and Paul Ulland. This event combines the power of the La Crescent Lions and Rotary clubs to recognize two outstanding community members each year. Presenting this years awards are last years recipients Steve Mau and Curt Grunwald.
Superevent 2019 Peter Congdon 2019-01-27 06:00:00Z 0 Community,Lions
Greg LeMond Article Peter Congdon 2019-01-09 06:00:00Z 0

Our exchange student experience!

Posted by Monica Holman on Jan 01, 2019
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Hyungeun Cho arrived from South Korea August 28, 2018.
Steve and I thoroughly enjoyed our 3 months as host parents, however, being removed from the high school scene for several years, we were anxious about how to make all the right connections happen for Hyungeun. We had a rocky start but soon found after registration, that there were plenty of resources to get the job done. Parent/teacher conferences late fall confirmed that he was getting plenty of help and making friends along the way. Homecoming was a great initiation into the high school scene, followed by Applefest and Oktoberfest.
The fall season was quick as winter graced us with her presence early on, and Hyungeun soon learned that his arsenal of winter coats was necessary.
October and November were filled with road trips- to Minneapolis to the Mall of America and science museum, Chicago for shopping and sightseeing, and Madison to visit other district exchange students. We also hosted a dinner with the other host parents to get better acquainted and show off our new chop stick skills! Hyungeun even got to go Trick or Treating with Brit and Chris and their children, which is his present host family. Hyungeun also was able to partake in Thanksgiving dinner and decorating for the Christmas holiday and even attended a wedding with our friends.
These are only the highlights! The entire experience for Steve and me was very rewarding and I feel we created a great foundation for Hyungeun's exchange experience. It is difficult to measure the value and growth that takes place from giving of your time, energy and hearts to the youth exchange program. We are grateful to have had this rotary opportunity! Hyungeun continues to attend the La Crescent rotary meetings and we want to thank each and every one of you for welcoming him in to his new rotary family.
Monica & Steve Holman
Our exchange student experience! Monica Holman 2019-01-01 06:00:00Z 0

Introducing the Barracuda Intruder Defense System

Posted by Lynn Reynolds on Nov 01, 2018

The Barracuda™ Intruder Defense System is helping keep classrooms and public buildings safe in the event of an active shooter situation.  The Barracuda™ is a security device that can be installed in a matter of seconds in emergency situations to protect occupants against building intruders.

The Barracuda™ Intruder Defense System is available in three configurations to ensure a perfect fit for your door:

Barracuda™ Model DSI for Inward Swinging Doors
Barracuda™ Model DSO for Outward Swinging Doors
Barracuda™ Model DCS for Scissor Action Door Closers

The Barracuda™ Intruder Defense System was invented by Troy Lowe, a decorated military, who is currently a firefighter and SWAT team member in Ohio. As a SWAT team medic, he works to prevent these tragedies in his community through shooter response training programs.

Introducing the Barracuda Intruder Defense System Lynn Reynolds 2018-11-01 05:00:00Z 0 Community,Partnerships

Everything is Coming up Roses

Posted by Eileen Krenz on Sep 28, 2018
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Its that time of year again, an opportunity to share the gift of Roses in our Community.  
The Rotary Club of La Crescent is selling roses again this year as a fundraiser for support of our programs.   Roses are on sale now, and will be delivered on Wednesday, Oct 24.  We will be purchasing the flows from Bauer's Market again this year, and the bouquets are getting an extra special touch.
Roses are $20 per dozen.   Orders need to be in to Eileen by Friday, Oct 12.   Please see Eileen with any questions! 
The public can order roses by emailing
Everything is Coming up Roses Eileen Krenz 2018-09-28 05:00:00Z 0 Fundraising

Looking for Signs

Posted by Bob Spencer on Sep 19, 2018
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The Story of our Rotary Sign in La Crescent.
When District Governor Bill Hoel came and visited our club in August, he shared the Rotary goal of sharing our story, and increasing our visibility in our community.  President Darren Winkers took it to heart and looked for opportunity.   He noticed many communities had signs announcing Rotary's presence in the community.   He asked the question, why don't we have that?
To dig into that, conversations were had with many long standing members of our club.  "We used to have them", was a common message.   Secretary Eileen Krenz uncovered that we still had the signs in storage, but that the City Council and State Highway department had made it clear years ago that it wouldn't be allowed.   "For some time," Krenz explained, "We would go out and put up the signs near the entrance to the city on the highway.   Some time later, Highway Department Staff would remove the signs and return them".    After further research, we discovered that many of placement locations required the approval of 4 agencies and their rules: City Council, MN State Highway Department, Minnesota Scenic Byways Commission,  Federal Highway Administration.     La Crescent is a unique community to be home to 3 Scenic Byways.  That also brings its challenges, as Scenic Byways have strict sign regulations.
President Winkers would not take no for an answer, and looked for more options.   One area he found a clear exception on with all rules for those agencies was that private property was exempt.  After reaching out to some property owners and friends of Rotary, our community now again has 2 Rotary signs visible to our community.   One on the Wieser Brother's property along the Pike to La Crosse, and one on the Amlaw-Swift family property on Elm Street near the heart of town.   While these may not be permanent homes for the signs, it gets them back into our community so we can share our Rotary Pride.  This couldn't have been done without the fortitude of President Winkers by continuing to reach for the goal and sharing Rotary with the world. 
Looking for Signs Bob Spencer 2018-09-19 05:00:00Z 0 Community

Welcome Hyungeun Cho from Korea

Posted by Bob Spencer on Aug 28, 2018
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Please Welcome Hyunguen Cho, 
From:  South Korea (Gyeonggi-do, about 100 miles outside of Seoul)
Hyunguen, pronounced “HUNG-GEN” is a Rotary Exchange Student currently living with Steve and Monica Holman. Hyungeun has studied English for the past 5 years, after school (2 hours daily) with his Korean Uncle.  His written comprehension is much better than verbal, but he is progressing quickly. 
Hyunguen has a 19 year old brother. His father is an optometrist and his mother is a housewife. Hyungeun enjoys performing magic and also likes basketball and ping pong.   He loves Mountain Dew and Nerds candy.  In our conversations, I have found him quite polite and calm.
Hyungeun will be speaking to our club on September 14.  We look forward to learning more about him.
Welcome Hyungeun Cho from Korea Bob Spencer 2018-08-28 05:00:00Z 0 International,Youth

Avenues of Service Dinner

Posted by David Ebner on Aug 14, 2018
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On Tuesday, August 14, the 9 La Crosse area Rotary Clubs gathered together to celebrate the past year, and to raise funds for the Rotary Works Foundation.  This annual event is coordinated by a planning committee of members from all clubs, and is chaired by the Assistant Governor, La Crescent's own Dave Ebner.  Awards are handed out in Rotary's 5 Avenue's of Service: Club Service, Community Service, Youth Service, International Service, Vocational Service.
The La Crescent Club had two of it's own recognized.  Bob Spencer was named La Crescent's Rotarian of the Year, and Leo Chaput recieved a Lifetime Achievement Award.  Read more below to learn more about these two amazing Rotarians.
Avenues of Service Dinner David Ebner 2018-08-14 05:00:00Z 0

Playground - Community Build Day

Posted by Bob Spencer
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Come and be a part of our Community's Future!!

The La Crescent PTO, in Partnership with the Rotary Club of La Crescent and La Crescent-Hokah School District is organizing a community build of our new Elementary School Playground. This playground has been in develpment for more than 3 years, and we are very excited to see this project come to life.


Equipment Arrival (May need help unloading 1 or 2 semi trucks) - on or about July 18 (TBA)
Friday July 27 - 7am - until done: Unwrapping (saran or shrink wrapped) parts, palettes, and poles (Near playground build site)
Saturday July 28 - 7am - until done:  Hole Digging, Assembly of playground, cement work.
Sunday July 29 - 7am - until done:  Wood chips and final touches.
Come be a part of this fun event, and help us build our community together.
For more information and to sign up to Volunteer, click here!
Playground - Community Build Day Bob Spencer 2018-07-13 05:00:00Z 0 Community

Volunteering Opportunity!!

Posted by Bob Spencer on Jul 07, 2018
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The Rotary Club of La Crescent is coordinating volunteers to staff the parking lot of Country Boom in West Salem on Saturday, July 14th.
This is a great opportunity to spend some time in fellowship with some fun people, and volunteering for your community.  You may get to hear some awesome live music too!
We are committed to provide the staffing, so reach out to friends and family to join you.  Shifts are broken down to 2 hour sections, so please sign up if you can help for a little bit, or all day long!  The club will receive proceeds for its volunteering  efforts, which will go towards our youth programs!
Volunteering Opportunity!! Bob Spencer 2018-07-07 05:00:00Z 0

Background Check Information

Posted by Bob Spencer
If you will be working directly with YOUTH on behalf of our club you will need to have completed a background check, please do so by completing the following steps:
1. Go to and complete the volunteer application .  The link to the application is on the home page of the website, under FORMS.
2. Contact Judy Steinhauer and give her your social security number & DOB.    This information is needed to complete the background check and is not included in the application for security purposes.  Judy will be the only person outside the company to see this information.  She may be contacted at:
500 Viking Road
Mount Horeb, WI 53572
C: 608-807-7363
H: 608-437-4424
 3. When you contact your references, please let then know that they will be receiving an email request to complete a reference online.  This request will come from Central States Rotary and will arrive within a day or two of you completing your application.  Some individuals will provide you with their work email address as their contact information and some worksites will block the email from Central States or it will go into a junk mail file.  Also email addresses ending in .net can be problematic.  I will receive a notice if 2 email requests for references have been sent and there has been not response.  At that time, I will send a personal email to the individual to determine what might be causing the delay.
4. On a monthly basis your Rotary Club will be billed for the background checks completed by club members.
5. Once approved, you will be notified.  Also, as your annual due date approaches, you will be sent a notice that it is time for you to renew, if you are interested in continuing to work with Rotary Youth.
Background Check Information Bob Spencer 2018-07-06 05:00:00Z 0 Youth

LaCresent Rotary to Welcome 31st International Student

Posted by Bob Spencer on May 29, 2018
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Rotary Youth Exchange has been a part of the Rotary Club of La Crescent since its founding in 1983.   Throughout the years, La Crescent Rotarians and community members have opened up their homes and their lives to many students who want to share in the experience of living in the United States.

This fall, La Crescent Rotary is welcoming its 31st Youth Exchange Student, and it's first from Korea.   Hyungeun will be arriving this August to spend a year living and going to school in La Crescent.  Hosted by 3 caring families of volunteers, this young man will be experiencing the life living in our small town, and sharing his culture with our community.
LaCresent Rotary to Welcome 31st International Student Bob Spencer 2018-05-29 05:00:00Z 0 International,Youth

Using Clubrunner, Tips and Tricks

Posted by Bob Spencer on May 22, 2018
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ClubRunner, the platform we are now using for our Rotary Club Website and Newsletter, has many useful components.  If you haven't already, logging into the website is the first step in any future use.   A Video on how to Login can be found at   

Recently, you may have received an email asking to update your personal info on ClubRunner.   This information is ONLY available to Fellow La Crescent Rotarians and District Officers who login.  I encourage you to update your profile to help us keep our records accurate.    A video on updating your profile can be found at:
Third, I highly recommend you download the ClubRunner Mobile App.  This app is a great resource to have lots of information at your fingertips.  Quickly Access contact information of your fellow Rotarians, Details and meeting places of other clubs in the district, Club and District Event Calendars, and More!  Check out more information at
Finally, ClubRunner has a lot of good resources published on how to do things within the system.  For further insight into the system and what you can do, visit the Members Guide. The ClubRunner's member guide has many written instructions that help get you started.  The member's guide articles also sometimes contain videos to walk you through the process as well.  The Member guide can be found at
If you have any questions or want more followup, you can always reach out to ClubRunner support at, or contact your club webmaster: Bob Spencer
Using Clubrunner, Tips and Tricks Bob Spencer 2018-05-22 05:00:00Z 0 ClubRunner,Members,Training

Avenues Of Service Nominations

Posted by David Ebner on May 21, 2018
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Every year the nine area Rotary Clubs gather for a celebration of club projects and honor members that have lived the Service Above Self motto.  Clubs will also honor their Rotarians of the Year.  This year our Avenues of Service Banquet will be Tuesday, August 14 at the Lunda Center at WTC.  The celebration will begin at 5:30 with a social.  This is a fundraiser for our Rotary Works Foundation.  We hope you will save the date.  It is a great night of fellowship and celebration.  More information will come closer to the date.
We are now looking for nominations.  Please click on the forms below for more information.  
Avenues Of Service Nominations David Ebner 2018-05-21 05:00:00Z 0 Foundation,Local

Main Street Block Party

Posted by Eileen Krenz
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Come gather with the La Crescent community for a Family Friendly Block Party!
Saturday, June 26, 2018  3pm-10pm

Click Here To Sign up to help out!!!

Family Activities include: 
Jigsaw Puzzle Competition
Cornhole Tournament
Dunk Tank
Food & Beverages

No Admission Fee:  (Donations to the La Crescent Chamber are appreciated!)

Live Music
     3:30 - Kaleb Harris
     5:00 - Apple Annies
     7:00 - Last Call

Main Street Block Party Eileen Krenz 2018-05-21 05:00:00Z 0 Community,Local,Partnerships

TriCon Registration - Final Call

Posted by Bob Spencer on Apr 08, 2018
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The 2018 District Conference is special.    Wisconsin's 3 districts are hosting the second triennial TriCon,  a statewide conference to celebrate Rotary.  From May 4-6, Rotarians from throughout Wisconsin, Michigan's Upper Peninsula and Southeast Minnesota will gather in Wisconsin Dells for Fun, Fellowship and Learning.  Register now to ensure your participation in the great Plenary speakers at mealtime.   Learn more and register now at
TriCon Registration - Final Call Bob Spencer 2018-04-08 05:00:00Z 0 District,Partnerships

La Crescent SuperEvent

Posted by Bob Spencer on Jan 28, 2018
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The two local service clubs in La Crescent - the La Crescent Lions and the Rotary Club of La Crescent - team up to recognize volunteers from the community who are "Super Stars".  Join friends and neighbors as we honor individuals in our community who make a difference in the lives of others.
La Crescent SuperEvent Bob Spencer 2018-01-28 06:00:00Z 0 Community,Lions,Partnerships,SuperEvent

Rotary Foundation - Matching Points

Posted by Lynn Reynolds on Jul 01, 2017
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Lynn Reynolds has one major goal for his year as President of the Rotary Club of La Crescent, MN: Increase giving to the Rotary Foundation and Polio Plus.  Becoming a Paul Harris fellow is a recognition for contributions to the Rotary Foundation.   Lynn was inspired at his President Elect Training to increase his giving by a matching offer by District Governors.  Rather than $1000 for a PHF recognition, $500 could be donated on the spot, or pledged over the next year, and they would match the donation.   
Lynn has offered this matching to all the members of La Crescent Rotary, and over $15,000 has been donated by our club this year.   The matching offer remains through the end of this Rotary year, and our club is looking toward becoming the First club in District 6250 to be recognized as a 100% Paul Harris Fellow Club.  If you haven't yet become a Paul Harris Fellow, reach out to Lynn Reynolds, or Club Foundation Chair, Bob Spencer, for more information on how to give.
Rotary Foundation - Matching Points Lynn Reynolds 2017-07-01 05:00:00Z 0 Foundation,Giving

Special Needs in our Schools

Posted by Stephen Mau on Jan 08, 2016
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The La Crescent Rotary Club hopes an evening of musical performance will make the school experience for a handful of students that much better.

Rotarian Steve Mau, along with La Crescent-Hokah Elementary School special education teacher Jesse Stoikes and student Addison Tarrence, spoke to the La Crescent-Hokah School Board Oct. 21 about an event the Rotary is organizing to raise money for equipment that will help Addison and others at the school.

Because of a partnership the Rotary has formed with the school this year to raise money for special needs students, the civic group is hosting the La Crescent Rotary Music Spectacular at 7 p.m. Friday, Jan. 8, at the high school fine arts center. The event will feature local talent from La Crescent, with the Holmen Midwest Express and Midwest Majestic show choirs headlining the evening.

Proceeds from the show will be split 70-30, with the larger portion given to the special education department to purchase what’s known as a HOPSA dress and other needed equipment, and the rest going back to the Rotary Club to support its various projects. Tickets are $10, and Mau said the minimum goal is to bring in $4,000 which, after expenses, would leave $2,550 in profit.

The idea is to use that money to purchase the HOPSA dress, a device used primarily to help children, unable to stand on their own due to weak lower extremities, remain upright without the need to use their hands to steady themselves.

Addison, a third-grader who was at the meeting representing the dozen or so students who could physically benefit from the device, addressed the board. She’s already used the device, as the school has been able to periodically borrow Holmen’s to get a feel for what the possibilities are.

“I have Spinal Muscular Atrophy or SMA,” Addison read from a prepared letter. “SMA makes it hard for me to walk, run, jump and get up. It makes my legs weak.”

Because of Addison’s desire to have a HOPSA dress at the school all the time, but knowing the nearly $1,000 dress isn’t considered a necessity, Stoikes approached the Rotary Club for help. He said the most important thing for his student population is freedom and the ability to make their own choices.

Stoikes shared a story from one of the first times Addison used the dress. He asked her to play catch with a ball, which she agreed to. The first time he threw it, Addison’s natural reaction was to use her hands to balance herself – not make the catch. That happened a few times, but finally, Addison trusted the device to hold her. She caught the ball.

“The look on this little girl’s face was, ‘I can do it,’” said Stoikes, who was visibly emotional.

But the dress isn’t just for students with physical needs. He said those with autism, ADHD and other sensory needs could benefit from it; even non-special education students have tried it. It’s also portable and can be attached to a swing set on the playground because it’s connected by a climber’s hook.

But the plan isn’t to stop once the HOPSA dress is purchased. Mau has been working with elementary school staff to look at other accommodations that could benefit special needs students on the playground. Right now, the swings and other play equipment are surrounded by rubber chips – not easy material to navigate a wheelchair through.

“I noticed (Addison) didn’t want to go outside, so I asked, “Why aren’t you going outside? The weather is beautiful.’” Stoikes said. “Her response was, ‘What would I do?’ You got me there. Unless you’re on the blacktop, if you’re in a wheelchair, it’s hard to get anywhere.”

The hope is to eventually purchase a “giant oval” both students with disabilities and able-bodied students can climb aboard to spin and bounce on. Money is also needed for mats for chairs to roll on to access the equipment. It’s unlikely the January event will raise enough to purchase the outdoor equipment, but Mau said the Rotary can consider other avenues to raise money for that.

Stoikes said the HOPSA dress for Addison is a gateway to social interaction with her classmates, which is a way the general population also benefits from the device. It’s a good week when she gets to use the dress.

“You can sense a change in the air in the classroom when it’s there,” he said. “All the kids want to do it and all the kids know it’s coming.”

Special Needs in our Schools Stephen Mau 2016-01-08 06:00:00Z 0 Partnerships

La Crescent's Community Sign

Posted by Bob Spencer on Sep 16, 2015
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La Crescent visitors will notice something new as they drive into town.  After six and a half years of planning and work, the city has a welcome sign.

Rotary Club Treasurer Bill Ohm says the sign is the result of a lot of work, from a lot of people.  Conversations about the sign began during Applefest in 2009.  It's only fitting that you can see the sign now, just before Applefest 2015 begins.

La Crescent Rotary members, the Chamber of Commerce, City Council and business leaders all had something to do with making the sign a reality.  Now, the Lion's Club is going to provide landscaping around the sign located along Highway 61.  Ohm says another group is responsible for the sign that let's you know you're in town.  He says residents stepped up immediately, donating money to make the La Crescent sign possible.

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India celebrates three years without polio

Throughout India and around the world, Rotary clubs are celebrating a major milestone: India has gone three years without a new case of polio. The last reported case was a two-year-old girl in West Bengal on 13 January 2011. To mark this historic triumph, Rotary clubs illuminated landmarks and iconic structures throughout the country with four simple but powerful words, "India is polio free."
The three-year achievement sets the stage for polio-free certification of the entire Southeast Asia region by the World Health Organization. The Indian government also plans to convene a polio summit in February to commemorate this victory in the global effort to eradicate polio.
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