Posted by Bob Spencer on May 22, 2018
ClubRunner, the platform we are now using for our Rotary Club Website and Newsletter, has many useful components.  If you haven't already, logging into the website is the first step in any future use.   A Video on how to Login can be found at   

Recently, you may have received an email asking to update your personal info on ClubRunner.   This information is ONLY available to Fellow La Crescent Rotarians and District Officers who login.  I encourage you to update your profile to help us keep our records accurate.    A video on updating your profile can be found at:
Third, I highly recommend you download the ClubRunner Mobile App.  This app is a great resource to have lots of information at your fingertips.  Quickly Access contact information of your fellow Rotarians, Details and meeting places of other clubs in the district, Club and District Event Calendars, and More!  Check out more information at
Finally, ClubRunner has a lot of good resources published on how to do things within the system.  For further insight into the system and what you can do, visit the Members Guide. The ClubRunner's member guide has many written instructions that help get you started.  The member's guide articles also sometimes contain videos to walk you through the process as well.  The Member guide can be found at
If you have any questions or want more followup, you can always reach out to ClubRunner support at, or contact your club webmaster: Bob Spencer