Posted by Bob Spencer on Mar 25, 2019
Almost 4 years ago, District 6250 made the move to partner with Clubrunner, to improve communications and record keeping with the Clubs of Southwest WI and Southeast MN.  That move has helped club member data accuracy to improve tremendously, and given tools to the District leadership to improve communication with the members.
Now, in 2019, District 6250 has completed the full project with the migration of our website data and infrastructure to reside on the Clubrunner platform.  This was the last step completing the transition project and setting up the District for a future of Success.  All clubs, both those utilizing Clubrunner, and those who do not, will benefit from this change.
My favorite feature as a clubrunner club, is the ability to share our club events on the District Events calendar with a single click of a button.     
Check out the new website at, and the new District Events calendar at