Posted by Bob Spencer on Jul 17, 2018
The First Annual Country Boom took place in West Salem from July 13-15.  One of its primary purposes was to bring together people from all over the Coulee Region.  
Rotarian Pat Stephens was involved in the planning of the event, and due to a scheduling snafu, last minute volunteers were needed to help coordinate the parking lot.   La Crescent Rotarians heard the call and knew we could do something to help.  We committed to staffing the lot on Saturday, with a minimum of 60 volunteer-hours needed between 10am and 11pm.  However we knew we could not do it alone.  We put out a call to all area Rotary Clubs to help us, as well as to friends in La Crescent, such as the PTO, for help.  The call was heard and answered.
Then the Rain came... and with the rain, mud.  The parking lot that we were tasked to operate was now a muddy lake.   However, with our new Clubrunner system, we were quickly and easily able to reach out to all volunteers to update them on the last minute changes, and ensure our volunteers could get to their new assignment areas where more help was most needed.
Natalie Olson from Rotary East, Tan Phan from Valley View Rotary, and Jaime Bly from the La Crescent PTO stepped up to help out out and put in an combined 20 volunteer-hours.   La Crescent Rotarians  put in an additional 45 Hours of help, with some putting in over 13 hours of work!   Thank you to everyone who helped out!