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From The October Newsletter

Rotary Books for the World


In 2005, a retired school teacher learned that many schools and libraries in Wisconsin discard used books every year. As an educator, she felt that those books could, and should, continue to help kids learn. Following the guidelines of a similar program started earlier in Texas, husband and wife Rotarians Bob and Carol Dombroski have literally changed the world with their textbook program. Nearly 10 years later, together with the Madison Breakfast Rotary Club, over one million pounds of books have been shipped to under-educated countries.


Working with Rotarians from Houston, TX, where the program originated, Books for the World now ships textbooks to over 25 countries.  “There are four centers in the U.S. like ours that collect books, but we are the second largest collector in the country for Books for the World,” Bob Dombroski says. He also noted that the number of donations has decreased in Texas and the program there doesn’t have the inventory to meet the demand. Because of this, Madison and UW—Madison Libraries participation is integral to the success of the program. The Libraries are also proud to be one of the only places that donate large pallets of college-level texts, something that Bob and Carol do not receive from anywhere else.

Karen and Ron Wilke working hard at Apple Fest
Rotary working the Oktoberfest 2014 in La Crosse Wisconsin





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